I have traveled far and wide so you’ll find landscapes and related pictures here from many places in Europe and beyond.

1. Bavaria
2. Crete By Starlight
3. Moonlight on Lake Constance

4. La Closerie
A large A2 sized drawing in coloured pencil, a commission I was asked to make of a house in Jersey, Channel Islands. I decided to include all the members of the family including two old cats to bring the picture alive.

5. The Grand Hotel
A large A1 pen and ink drawing  of an historic building tucked away in a skiing resort in Switzerland. Originally built as a sanatorium for patients with tuberculosis in 1892, it was transformed into a grand hotel boasting its own railway station. In the 1980s The American College of Switzerland developed it into a university and I worked there for many years. Recently it has been sold and lovingly restored to its former glory by the owners of Leysin American School who bought this picture. I wanted to convey an atmosphere of the mystery and faded grandeur that the building had before the lavish renovations took place.

6. The Grand Salon
Commissioned by the new owners of the school featured in The Grand Hotel.
A large A1 detailed pen and ink caricature of a ballroom scene at the time of the Belle Epoche featuring the owner and some of the characters of the village dressed in Victorian costumes.

Each of these illustrations are available as glicee prints on watercolor paper:
A3 at €80.00 or A2 at €150.00.

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