1. Leonardo’s Cat
2. The Boating Party
3. The  Arnolfini Wedding
4. Holbein Pig
5. Bubbles

These coloured pencil drawings were originally part of a series of 12 designs published by Nigel Quiney greeting card company and based on famous paintings.The outer  design was cut away so that when you open the card the scene changes to reveal what happened next, e.g. on opening the Boating party the characters who were enjoying a picnic on a boat are slumped in a drunken stupor on the floor  surrounded by chaos!
The design’ Bubbles’ won 3rd prize in an international competition run by Artists and Illustrators magazine

Available as A3 prints

6. Clowns
7.   Harlequin

A3 coloured pencil drawings
Available as giclee prints on watercolor paper

8. The Dreamer
I made this portrait of a woman dreaming while teaching a workshop on the technique of marbling ! It involves laying paper over a bowl of water which has oil paint dripped and combed over the surface forming swirling patterns .Laying the paper over the water absorbs the pattern made by the paint
In this particular demonstration piece I could see a face and so I drew over it with coloured pencils to get the desired effect ! A fluke !

Available as an A1 giclee print on watercolor paper
A 2 giclee print on watercolor paper

9. The birth of Venus
Watercolor and coloured pencil
A modern take on Botticelli’s famous painting

Available as a A1 giclee print on watercolor paper

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