1. The Art Class
A caricature of my mother’ s art class although she gives portrait classes and not life drawing classes. The model is reminiscent of the models we had when I took life drawing classes as a student!

2. Beautiful Wasserburg
I live in a beautiful part of South Germany on the Lake of Constance. It attracts many tourists in the summer holidays. However sometimes the human addition does not always compliment the scenery! I was going to re name this picture ‘A Blot on the Landscape’, but decided I was being too cruel.

3. The Freibad
My favorite place to go swimming with my family although I try to avoid the high season as it gets so crowded especially as everyone these days gets fatter and fatter which makes less and less space on the beach!

4. Ruhige Schwimmen (quiet swimming)
The Germans have got it taped when it comes to leisure. Every town has its own outdoor heated pool and Wasserburg is no exception! Its not only spotlessly clean, it has stunning views of the mountains across the lake and a great place for people watching!
Ruhige schwimmen is an hour from 9am to 10 am when the oldies hit the pool and quiet it is not, as most of the people I observed do more exercise with their mouths than their bodies!

These 4 caricatures are available as A4 prints

5. Francesca’ s Classroom
This picture I did as a wedding present for the daughter of my dearest and one of my oldest friends. Francesca is an English teacher and she was teaching her pupils about Shakespeare’s villains at the time. She is a very good teacher and I am sure her classes are nothing like the way I have portrayed them here!

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